The bigger your website becomes, the more complex mailbox management turns into. Which is when you will be able to take advantage of our fully–fledged Mail Accounts Manager. It has each of the features you may need so as to be in charge of your e–mail accounts, plus it’s provided with a simple interface. With merely a few clicks it’s possible to configure e–mail forwarding, set up an email auto–reply, configure anti–spam protection, and much more. Simply scroll down to see everything that our Mail Accounts Manager can provide you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Deal with spam in a mouse–click

Through the Mail Accounts Manager within the Hosting Control Panel, it is possible to manage junk e–mail messages. The enclosed anti–spam tool will filter inbound emails and you can now modify its amount of command with merely a click of the mouse. You may also state a unique volume of spam defense for every single email account.

There are 2 simple ways that our system treats messages referred as spam. You can pick whether a spam email must be removed, or forwarded to a given mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Divert e–mails with merely a mouse–click

Email forwarding is probably the most applied instruments within the Mail Accounts Manager that’s why we have tried our best for it to be as easy as possible. What you need to complete is simply decide on the email which you want to make use of and identify the mailbox where you wish the incoming messages to be sent to.

Also, you can select should the forwarded mailbox should also keep e–mails, or if they should be erased immediately after they are forwarded.

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Email Filters

Generate custom spam filters effortlessly

Email filters are a tool you are able to take advantage of. They function in a very simple way based on key phrases. All you need to perform is just indicate the key phrases that you like the filter to make use of and exactly which part of the e–mail account all these keywords and phrases should be found in for example subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

One way you can use email filters is to route all junk email messages to a particular directory. Then you could also select if you want the filtered e–mails to be kept in the directory (so that you can check if some message is delivered there in error), it has to be deleted.

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Email Protection

Email protection with DomainKeys and SPF records

We have bundled a number of software tools in your Hosting Control Panel that are going to defend your mailbox from being employed for spam applications without you knowing. We’ve DomainKeys working for all of the mailboxes automatically. The service stacks up the sender’s site to the e–mail message to ensure that the sent message originates from that address.

We’ve furthermore enabled SPF protection – a solution, which insures all of your e–mail accounts from spammers that make use of your mailbox to send e–mail spam on presumably your behalf.

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Email Auto–Configure Solution

1–click installing of mail accounts on your PC

We’ve included an auto–configure approach to the Mail Accounts Manager so you will be able to set up e–mail accounts in your desktop client with only a click of the mouse. To download the auto–configuration file for any chosen e–mail address, click on the image belonging to the mail client that you like to use. The mailbox is going to be created quickly on your favored desktop client, ready for you to use!

You can find configuration files for Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and then Mac Mail, based in the main area of the Mail Accounts Manager.

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Offered on any system, anyplace

In the event you don’t have the option to access an e–mail client, you can quickly browse through mail by way of Starfire Solutions Consulting’s email client – Roundcube. There’s just a single web address you should memorize and/or write down, and you can now check it using any kind of web–connected system anywhere in the world!

You might also instantly sign in from your Hosting Control Panel, never having to submit any email sign in data.

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